Bridal Hair Accessories

Wedding Hair Accessories

Shells, wooden beads, crystals, semi precious stones, pearls, rubies, diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. There is no limit to the choices the bride has when it comes to weaving nature into her hair on the big day. Whether she chooses to scatter pearl or crystal studded hairpins throughout her loose flowing curls, don combs adorned with diamonds and rubies, attach her veil to a headband decorated with sapphires or emeralds or weave shells and wooden beads into her braids, Mother Nature is the most incredible source for bridal accessories.

Centuries ago, long before current wedding traditions were even thought of, brides have decorated their hair with elements from nature. The reasons vary from beliefs that they increase fertility to desires for prosperity. In the twenty-first century, most of those long held beliefs may have faded into oblivion, but the customs of adding natural elements for sparkle and decoration have survived.

Many of today’s brides attach their veils to barrettes, head bands and combs encrusted with precious or semi precious stones. Others, depending upon their theme and wedding attire choose elements from the sea or hand crafted beads made from wood to decorate their hair on their very special day.

Depending upon the style of gown and the theme of the day, the bride can choose to embellish ribbons with tiny stones and then pin or tie the ribbons in her hair. She can even make her own headgear by using fabric from her gown or train to fashion a bow, then tastefully embellish it with tiny crystals and attach a veil and a comb to anchor it in her hair.

The things that can be done to adorn the bride’s hair with natural elements are limited only by the imagination. No mater what her gown style may be, she will be able to find something in Mother Nature’s Emporium that will make her day perfect. She has an endless variety of stones, crystals, pearls, wooden beads and elements from the sea that she can use to decorate her hair on her very special day and make the most breathtakingly dramatic entrance as she is escorted down the aisle.

Using natural elements in her hair is a most unique way for the bride to express her individual personality. An added bonus is the fact that the unique hair accessories can be handed down to her daughters, granddaughters, and generations of women in her family years after she is gone. | Resources | Add Links | Privacy